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31 Days of Horror #07 - Skull Kid by JesseDuRona
31 Days of Horror #07 - Skull Kid

Today’s Halloween drawing is of Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Majora’s Mask is one of the most polarizing entries in the Zelda video game series. Most fans either love it or hate it, because it deviates heavily from the established themes. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, Majora’s Mask lives in infamy in the Nintendo universe.

Every drawing in my 31 Days of Horror series is on sale for $40.00, which includes this one! Email me at if interested!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

31 Days of Horror #05 - Ghostface by JesseDuRona
31 Days of Horror #05 - Ghostface

You guessed it; tonight’s spooky-scary drawing is of Ghostface from the Scream franchise.

Unlike Freddy Kruger, or Jason Voorhees, Ghostface was never the same person twice. Sometimes he (or she) was even more than one person! In a way, this makes the character even more frightening.

When the original came out in 1996, Scream reinvigorated the slasher genre by subverting the established format. It was truly ahead of its time.

I’m selling this original drawing for $40.00. Email me at for more information!

See you tomorrow!

31 Days of Horror #04 - Gengar by JesseDuRona
31 Days of Horror #04 - Gengar

For tonight’s Halloween drawing, we have Gengar from the video game series Pokemon! If you don’t think Gengar is scary, I encourage you to look up its Pokedex entries from the game series; creepy stuff!

Ghost Pokemon are a bit of a mystery. Are they actually ghosts, or are they gaseous entities? If they are ghosts, are they dead Pokemon like some believe, the spirits of deceased humans, or both?

A friendly reminder that I’m offering these original pieces of art for sale! Email me at if you’re interested!

More creepiness coming tomorrow!

31 Days of Horror #03 - Norris by JesseDuRona
31 Days of Horror #03 - Norris

Are you scared yet, friends?

Today’s Halloween drawing is of Norris from The Thing, by John Carpenter. More specifically, it’s Norris’s disguising crab head. This is one of my favorite movies, and it’s an incredibly visual film. The special effects still hold up to this day.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Halloween drawing!

31 Days of Horror #02 - Gizmo by JesseDuRona
31 Days of Horror #02 - Gizmo

Hello again, everyone!

For day two of my month-long Halloween drawing session, I give you Gizmo fromGremlins 2. I know he’s not technically a horror-themed character, but I couldn’t resist. He’s just too cute!

When Joe Dante, director of Gremlins, was pushed to create a sequel, he did it under the stipulation that he could do whatever he wanted. The result is what is one of the best film sequels out there, which both pokes fun at the original while also embracing it. It’s Gremlins turned up to eleven, and our furry little friend clad in Rambo gear is all the proof you need of that.

This is an original piece on Bristol at 8×8.5 size. If you are interested in purchasing it, email me at

See you tomorrow!

Hey guys!

I posted a very important blog on my website. It concerns you all greatly!

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